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"Wedding planning and event design are Katherine's true calling. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be a wedding coordinator. However, she also wanted to please her father, a physician, so she went to college and graduate school to get degrees in clinical psychology and educational counseling. When time came to plan her own wedding five years ago, she hired Sarah Rondeau and Michelle Martin from Custom Celebrations. They were so impressed with her cooperation, demeanor, style and overall knowledge of event planning that they invited her to come on board: "You are the born wedding planner," they told her. She did not hesitate long and took the offered internship. After Sarah retired in 2002 and Michelle left the business, she became the sole owner of the company.

Immaculately dressed, she sat across the table in her office, an elegant, comfortable pool house. Samples of favors, menus and programs were neatly arranged along with various wedding pictures throughout the office. "Everyone has a right to a beautiful wedding," Katherine told me. "I will work with my clients to plan an event that will follow their dreams and will fit their budgets. There is really no wrong way to celebrate a wedding, and I will do everything to make their wishes

In retrospect her former counseling experience is the perfect addition to her wedding planning career. She is sensitive and able to resolve family issues or work with families of different ethnic backgrounds. Tactful and diplomatic, she knows how to interact with a variety of personalities. Her husband comes from a large Latino family. "Believe me, I know what it means to bring such different backgrounds and cultures together and still be remembered during the holiday."

Katherine welcomes the current trend of greater involvement by groom, and so after getting to know the couple she will tailor the wedding for both families. I love her motto: "I can change my dress to whatever is required, but I cannot change my reputation."

References and fellow vendors adore her and think she is one of the most stylish, creative and quintessential complete coordinators. She is thorough, organized and on top of every task and at the same time patient, kind, funny, thoughtful, and empathic when emotions run high; she also is confident and diplomatic when talking to the wedding guests. "



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Katherine's wedding day: Deanna Graham Photography

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